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Rockabilly and retro fashion in Las Vegas

Nicole May dressed to impress at Viva Las Vegas

Rockabilly enthusiasts from around the world will come together in the United States for the annual Viva Las Vegas Weekender in March.

The four-day “VLV” includes music (headlined in 2013 by Little Richard), a burlesque show, a car show, and a pin up contest.

Perth’s Nicole May, who will attend her first VLV in 2013, said it is the cultural event that appeals to her.

“I love how people immerse themselves in the culture,” Ms May said.

“For most [attendees] that’s how they live their life – everything is based around the rockabilly scene, vintage fashion, having everything in their house antique.”

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4 thoughts on “Rockabilly and retro fashion in Las Vegas

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